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Profiel Oiltraining B.V.

Oiltraining.nl is in 2002 opgericht door Paul Deelen. In 2010 is de directie van Oiltraining B.V. uitgebreid met Ton Visser. Ton Visser was vanaf 1985 uitgebreid werkzaam in en voor de olie, gas en chemische industrie op het gebied van raffinaderij en chemie-operations en opslag/blending, veiligheid en milieu. Ook is Ton Visser een expert op het gebied van marine gasolie en zware stookolie. Eind 2022 is Paul Deelen met pensioen gegaan en bestaat de directie van Oiltraining B.V. uit Ton Visser.

Alle trainingen van Oiltraining B.V. kenmerken zich door een hoge mate van praktijkgerichtheid, zeer toegankelijk voor een brede doelgroep en een hoge kwaliteit.

Check out the latest oil industry related news

05-04-2024: Coiled tubing drilling’s role in the energy transition Coiled tubing drilling is an excellent example of how existing technology can help move the oil and gas sector towards net zero.
05-04-2024: Shale technology: Bayesian variable pressure decline-curve analysis for shale gas wells A new workflow generates probabilistic history-matches and production forecasts for any decline-curve model while incorporating variable BHP conditions. It provides fast history matches and forecasts of shale gas wells more accurately than traditional DCA while quantifying model uncertainty. The primary value added is an innovative method for probabilistic variable-pressure DCA.
05-04-2024: Digital transformation/Late-life optimization: Harnessing data-driven strategies for late-life optimization Late-life assets present a myriad of challenges that operators must tackle to ensure continued safety and integrity. Robust data management strategies play an increasingly pivotal role in optimizing asset performance in mature assets to ensure economic viability.
05-04-2024: Advancing offshore decarbonization through electrification of FPSOs Electrification is the most practical solution for decarbonization, especially as renewable generating capacity increases and momentum to electrify vessels, including FPSOs, continues to build. However, the industry still faces headwinds, including high upfront costs, a lack of supporting infrastructure and properly trained personnel, and gaps in standards.
05-04-2024: The reserves replacement dilemma: Can intelligent digital technologies fill the supply gap? Oil reserves are being consumed faster than they’re being replaced. If the reserve replacement ratio doesn’t improve, supply could fail to meet demand before lower-carbon and new energy solutions mature. Companies rethinking strategies are using infrastructure-led exploration as a digital solution to find economically viable new prospects.
01-04-2024: Flare combustion monitoring system for upstream flares A novel flare combustion efficiency monitoring method has been developed, using parametric modeling based on existing experimental data and computational fluid dynamics calculations. This method can be deployed to upstream flare systems to achieve maintenance-free real-time monitoring.
11-03-2024: EQT, Equitrans look to create vertically integrated natural gas business with merger EQT Corp., Pittsburgh, the largest natural gas producer in the US, has agreed to acquire Equitrans Midstream Corp., its former midstream unit, in an all-stock deal.
06-03-2024: Water management Recent developments with produced water
06-03-2024: Oil and gas in the Capitals Saudi Arabia suspends oil expansion as neighboring producers plan to raise output
06-03-2024: What's new in production Water quality and quantity
06-03-2024: Subsea technology- Corrosion monitoring: From failure to success The history behind CEM (Corrosion-Erosion Monitor) is a story of how failures can lead to success. Acoustic guided waves were the solution necessary to achieve reliable wall thickness monitoring of pipes.
06-03-2024: Using data to create new completion efficiencies In the fast-paced world of upstream oil & gas data, innovation and a relentless focus on continual improvement is not a choice but a necessity.
06-03-2024: Digital tool kit enhances real-time decision-making to improve drilling efficiency and performance A new AI-driven solution provides insights that enable rig personnel to act earlier and more confidently, reducing risks and improving well delivery.
06-03-2024: E&P outside the U.S. maintains a disciplined pace As operator spending shifts away from the U.S., six of eight regions will post drilling increases. That being said, some areas—Middle East, Africa and South America—will do better than others, and most gains registered will be modest.
05-03-2024: Prices and governmental policies combine to stymie Canadian upstream growth At one point, 2024 was shaping up to be the Canadian oil patch’s big comeback year. But price volatility and a federal government that singles out fossil fuels in its climate crusade have plunged the industry into greater uncertainty and dimmed hope that Canada might again step to the international hydrocarbons forefront.
05-03-2024: U.S. operators reduce activity as crude prices plunge Despite escalating tensions in the Middle East, a significant OPEC+ output reduction and the war in Ukraine, crude prices fell in 2023, with WTI down 17.7% to average $77.60/bbl, $16.73/bbl less than the $94.33/bbl average for 2022.
05-03-2024: U.S. producing gas wells increase despite low prices Active natural gas wells saw a slight increase in the U.S. during 2023 of 0.9%, to 496,756 total wells, compared with 492,197 in 2022. Accordingly, total marketed gas production in the U.S. also saw an increase.
05-03-2024: U.S. oil and natural gas production hits record highs Despite a 4.6% reduction in U.S. drilling activity on an average yearly basis, U.S. crude production climbed to an all-time high of 12.93 MMbopd in 2023, an 8.8% increase compared to the 11.88 MMbopd average of 2022. The increased output was augmented by U.S. operators completing a large backlog of DUCs in three major oil shale plays.
05-03-2024: Global capex growth is slowing Worldwide E&P spending is set to increase 5% in 2024, decelerating from 11% in 2023, with the global upturn extending into a third year. North American spending growth should moderate to 2.2% in 2024, following 19% growth in 2023. The majority of spending increases have shifted to international and offshore markets.
05-03-2024: Executive viewpoint: TRRC opinion: Special interest groups are killing jobs to save their own We all want clean air and water. We all want to be good stewards of our land and natural resources. And over the last 50 years, America has proven that oil and gas production and a clean environment are not mutually exclusive.
05-03-2024: U.S. drilling: More of the same expected Look for U.S. spending to increase just 2.2% in 2024, and drilling should be flat. Many factors are at play to bring this result.
05-03-2024: Oil and gas industry in for a tumultuous year The U.S. industry faces formidable challenges. In November 2024, elections for President, the Senate, and the House may change the political landscape to something more favorable. Irrespective, the Biden administration will be in office at least through January 2025, and the next 11 months will be a trying period.
05-03-2024: Gazprom to sell North Sea assets Gazprom International Ltd. ILLC began a competitive process to sell its North Sea assets. The company has placed a call for bids on Gazprombank's e-trading platform.
05-03-2024: Crude oil processing in China hit all-time high in 2023 China set a new crude oil processing milestone with an average of 14.8 million b/d in 2023.
04-03-2024: Plains All American Pipeline promotes Podavin to lead Canadian business Plains All American Pipeline LP and Plains GP Holdings will promote Michelle Podavin to serve as president of Plains Midstream Canada (PMC) effective June 1, 2024.
04-03-2024: bp lets 2-year extension for ultradeep drillship bp has let a 2-year contract extension to Diamond Offshore Drilling Inc. for use of the Ocean BlackHornet drillship. 
04-03-2024: APA to continue Baja area exploration offshore Suriname, vacates remainder of Block 53 APA and partners CEPSA and Petronas have returned part of Block 53 offshore Suriname to state oil firm Staatsolie.
04-03-2024: Talos Energy lets GOM decommissioning contract Talos Energy has let a 5-year joint framework agreement to Helix Energy Solutions for decommissioning work in the US Gulf of Mexico.
04-03-2024: OPEC+ members to extend oil production cuts through June Several OPEC+ members, led by Saudi Arabia and Russia, will extend voluntary oil output cuts of 2.2 million b/d into second-quarter 2024, providing the market with a boost amid concerns about global economic growth and rising production outside the group.
01-03-2024: MEG Energy appoints Gates as next president, CEO MEG Energy has appointed Darlene Gates to succeed Derek Evans as president and chief executive officer.
01-03-2024: Industry at a glance Despite expanding tensions in the Middle East, fresh instability in the Red Sea and the war in Ukraine, benchmark crude prices fell again in December, with Brent down 6.4% to $77.63/bbl, while WTI declined 7.5% to average $71.90/bbl.
01-03-2024: The last barrel More of the same
01-03-2024: The ESG perspective Methane and more
01-03-2024: Drilling advances ESG testing drilling engineers
01-03-2024: What's new in exploration 2024: The two lies of exploration
01-03-2024: First oil Argentina’s new president offers common sense approach
01-03-2024: Dallas Fed: E&P activity essentially unchanged; optimism wanes as uncertainty jumps While there was little change in activity from the third quarter of 2023 to the fourth quarter, there are some negative trends developing that have operators concerned. Yet, there is hope that 2024 can be a marginally better year.
01-03-2024: When electric meets intelligence: Powering a new era in hydraulic fracturing In the evolving landscape of hydraulic fracturing, a transformative synergy of electrification, automation and real-time optimization has emerged. The commingling of these technologies is paving the way for unprecedented efficiency and performance gains, while also reducing costs and NPT.
01-03-2024: Digital transformation: Digital twins help to make the invisible, visible in Indonesia’s energy industry It’s clear that digital solutions and flexible business models that put energy companies and their needs first will be key to achieving Indonesia’s growth goals.
01-03-2024: Management issues: The top value drivers of companies in the oil and gas industry This article discusses the primary value drivers in oil and gas—including factors like oil and gas prices, market conditions and the impact of geographic location on price differentials. It also highlights the industry’s shift towards capital efficiency over production volume and the value that third-party valuation firms can bring by considering these critical drivers in their analyses.
01-03-2024: Quantum computing and subsurface prediction Quantum computing has vast potential to reshape subsurface evaluations, providing capabilities and advanced geoscience analyses that are orders of magnitude faster and superior to any computer system that exists today.
01-03-2024: Driving MPD adoption with performance-enhancing technologies A new performance solution for MPD applications was launched to address a substantial portion of the market between existing entry-level and premier tier offerings. The author details the differences in these solutions and presents a case study highlighting performance improvements.
01-03-2024: Digital transformation: A breakthrough year for digitalization in the offshore sector From the perspective of Miros’ Chief Executive, 2023 was a real breakthrough year for the adoption of digitalization in the offshore space.
01-03-2024: Next-generation electric fracturing system improves efficiency, ESG performance An innovative 5,000-hp frac platform combines intelligent electrical architecture and simplified drivetrains to increase power density and flexibility, streamline rig-up logistics and minimize carbon emissions.
01-03-2024: US remained largest LNG supplier to Europe in 2023 In 2023, the US maintained its position as the largest supplier of LNG to Europe (EU-27 and the UK), supplying nearly half of the total LNG imports, according to data from CEDIGAZ.
29-02-2024: White House nominates three individuals as FERC commissioners The White House Feb. 29 nominated three individuals to serve on the US Federal Regulatory Commission (FERC), reducing the chance that the five-member commission could lose its quorum.
29-02-2024: Chevron in discussions with ExxonMobil regarding Guyana interests held by Hess Chevron Corp. and Hess Corp. have been in discussions with ExxonMobil Corp. and China National Offshore Oil Corp. regarding a right of first refusal provision in the joint operating agreement for theStabroek block offshore Guyana.
29-02-2024: Vaalco Energy to expand West African focus with Svenska Petroleum acquisition Vaalco Energy has agreed to acquire Svenska Petroleum Exploration AB for $66.5 million.
28-02-2024: Civitas maintains production guidance with 7% reduction in capital Civitas Resources Inc., Denver, has decreased its 2024 estimated capital expenditures by 7% while maintaining its previously provided 2024 production guidance of 325,000−345,000 boe/d (71-74% liquids).
28-02-2024: Permian Resources to lean on New Mexico to reach 6% oil growth target The acquisition and integration of Earthstone is paying dividends faster than expected.
28-02-2024: EIA: US crude inventories up 4.2 million bbl US crude oil inventories for the week ended Feb. 23, excluding the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, increased by 4.2 million bbl from the previous week, according to data from the US Energy Information Administration.
28-02-2024: CRC guidance depends on permits, Aera Energy deal close California Resources Corp. (CRC) is currently planning a 2024 capital program of $300-340 million but said actual spending related to oil and gas development will depend on various factors, particularly on its ability to obtain new well permits in second-half 2024.
28-02-2024: Gulfport to keep 2024 production flat, move to more liquids-rich development Gulfport Energy Corp. plans to deliver 2024 production in line with 2023 levels with a focus on more liquids-rich development in both its Utica shale and South Central Oklahoma Oil Province (SCOOP) positions.
27-02-2024: DOE seeks another 3 million bbl of crude to refill Strategic Petroleum Reserve The US Department of Energy (DOE) issued a request for proposals (RFP) Feb. 26 from companies willing to sell another 3 million bbl of US-sourced sour crude oil to inject into the Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR) in August.

In de komende maanden worden onder andere de volgende cursussen met regelmaat georganiseerd:

4-daagse cursus Olieproducten

Deze intensieve cursus wordt verzorgd in een van de laboratoria van Saybolt en omvat zowel een theorie gedeelte over aardolie, de raffinage en de belangrijkste olieproducten en een praktijk/laboratorium gedeelte waarbij onder andere diverse olieproducten worden geblend en getest.


1-daagse cursus Benzine blending

Deze cursus is specifiek bedoeld voor personen die te maken hebben met het blenden van benzine, alsmede de inkoop, kwaliteitsbewaking, op- en overslag of verkoop van benzine. In eerste instantie is deze cursus bedoeld als een vervolg op de 4-daagse Olieproducten cursus, maar tevens kunnen personen deelnemen die deze cursus achtergrond voldoende bezitten, bijvoorbeeld opgedaan door werkervaring.

1-daagse cursus Gasolie blending

Deze cursus is specifiek bedoeld voor personen die te maken hebben met het blenden van gasolie en diesel producten, alsmede de inkoop, kwaliteitsbewaking, op- en overslag of verkoop van gasolie/diesel. In eerste instantie is deze cursus bedoeld als een vervolg op de 4-daagse Olieproducten cursus, maar tevens kunnen personen deelnemen die deze cursus achtergrond voldoende bezitten, bijvoorbeeld opgedaan door werkervaring.


1-daagse cursus Stookolie blending

Deze cursus is specifiek bedoeld voor personen die te maken hebben met het blenden van residuale stookolieproducten en marine fuel oils, alsmede de inkoop, kwaliteitsbewaking, op- en overslag of verkoop van stookolie. In eerste instantie is deze cursus bedoeld als een vervolg op de 4-daagse Olieproducten cursus, maar tevens kunnen personen deelnemen die deze cursus achtergrond voldoende bezitten, bijvoorbeeld opgedaan door werkervaring.

1-daagse cursus Biodiesel

Biodiesel wordt meer en meer gebruikt als blending component in dieselolie. Wat is het? Hoe wordt het gemaakt? Welke eigenschappen heeft het? Welke invloed heeft het op de dieselkwaliteit? Waar moeten we extra op letten? Dit zijn slechts enkele vragen die op deze dag worden beantwoord.


1-daagse cursus Introductie tot de Aardolie-industrie en olieproducten

Deze cursusdag geeft een globaal overzicht van de aardolie-industrie en de belangrijkste eigenschappen van de olieproducten zoals LPG, benzine, kerosine, gasolie en (residuale) stookolie.

3-daagse cursus BunkerExperience

Deze all-inclusive BunkerExperience cursus biedt een onverslaanbare combinatie van theorie en real-life bunkerervaring. Tijdens de cursus worden de deelnemers voorbereid op de 'real life' ervaring van het werken op een barge, werken in een testlaboratorium en 'tour-de-port' voor close-up beelden van verschillende soorten schepen.


Bovengenoemde cursussen worden in de Nederlandse, Engelse en Duitse taal verzorgd in één van de laboratoria van Saybolt wereldwijd, of bij u op locatie, waar ook ter wereld! 

Alle Oiltraining B.V. cursussen zijn ook beschikbaar als een online/livestreaming cursus!

Geïnteresseerd? Neem contact op met Ton Visser per email of telefoon.

visser@oiltraining.nl  Tel: +31(0)646 724120


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